With changes in farming practices, and in economic conditions. many traditional farm buildings have become redundant.

They can be in timber-frame, stone or brick and in many forms and sizes, from single barns to complete farm layouts.

Recent amateur conversions have caused the introduction of very restrictive Planning legislation. Nevertheless, it is still possible to devise practical and imaginative conversion schemes on which to negotiate approvals.

Apart from legislative constraints, old buildings often have a unique personality which can be adapted to form new character. Care and ingenuity can make use of many existing features and often retain most of the existing openings.

Walls and roofs can be lined to give good standards of insulation, and as many modern amenities can he introduced as may he wanted. The cost of conversion is less than building new, and there is the opportunity to create something new yet old. individual and special.

Various design guides have been published, but there is no substitute for a real Architect working on an actual building, devising real and appropriate solutions in collaboration with a caring owner.