Most businessmen, and women, use buildings. And buildings can affect profits, for good or ill, depending on their layout and design.

Businessmen know about their own organisation. products (or services), personnel and markets

Architects, however, know about buildings, and also DESIGN in its broadest sense - that is, a real fitness for purpose as well as good appearance.

It makes sound economic sense, therefore, for businesspeople and industrialists to engage the help of interested Architects to take advantage of their professional skills, imagination and experience to try to make their buildings or workplaces more profitable - or less wasteful.

Architects, like doctors, can diagnose problems and recommend some simple treatment or a major operation as may be necessary. They can design new buildings tailor-made to fit particular requirements or. alternatively, can help you make the best use of your existing premises, equipment or furnishings, and to prepare a long-term plan to suit the budget.

Expenditure on an Architect's time can be a good investment - in making better use of floor space, reducing maintenance and fuel costs, increasing efficiency and profitability, improving image to staff and public, and increasing your building value as an asset.