Giving practical advice on the rehabilitation of derelict or abandoned buildings, the conversion of those which have come to the end of their present useful life, or the extension of those which need enlarging to meet new circumstances.

Investigating what alterations will be permitted by the local Planning Authority, availability of services, and generally what alternatives might be possible, - including the possible pros and cons, and range of likely costs.

Turning problems into opportunities, - devising ways of preserving the best of existing character and features, and grafting in the new improvements to create a new building with its own integrity, good appearance and up-graded value.

We can prepare diagrammatic ideas sketches for discussion, develop selected proposals to a more detailed Sketch Scheme, prepare Applications for Planning and Building Regulation Approvals, advise on builders and procedures and see the job through to completion and final accounts, - or give assistance up to any intermediate stage a client might require.