Design for hospitals, health and fitness and for the disabled are specialised fields, although they have something in common, in all requiring provisions to meet special human needs.

Some schemes are designed specifically for a particular purpose. In others the provision has to be incorporated unobtrusively as part of the normal accommodation.

Architects with experience in these fields will be familiar with the special layouts, dimensions and facilities required. They will know the importance of details such as work-top heights, window fastenings and so on, and how even the placing of a door can ensure the maximum usable floor area and minimum extra cost.

With careful design, bedrooms, toilets or even whole apartments or public areas, laid out specially to give easy wheelchair access and circulation, need not reveal their hidden qualities to those who do not need them. In new buildings, lifts, stair-chairs and ramps etc can be allowed for if envisaged early on. To insert them later can be very expensive.

An Architects ingenuity and problem-solving training can prove to be the best way of tackling these problems, and also of conforming to recent - and future - legislation without the high additional costs and appearance of afterthought so often associated with the subject.