Designing for leisure is a specialised field. Architects understand how to reconcile all the conflicting requirements and create the effect of quality, comfort and luxury at the minimum of cost. And how to arrange public areas to give the maximum flexibility to meet the requirements for various uses, - such as dinners, weddings, conferences, seminars and exhibitions etc.

They also understand the importance of wear- resistant materials, detailing, furnishings and decorations. Time spent in maintenance can be lost revenue.

All planning and design has to meet the many Regulations - fire, health, safety, security and so on, - and an allowance has to be made for possible later improvements to keep up with a changing market, improved standards, the local competition and changing regulations.

Bedrooms need to be designed to achieve the maximum number of bed-spaces, but arranged for comfort and convenience; and with flexibility providing for conversion to suites, and between eg business seminar, family or tourism use at different times of the week or year.

An Architect will also give special attention to staffing aspects. Layouts will be designed to allow easy bed-making and servicing of rooms. Kitchen and service areas will be designed for economy of movement, - and for convenience and agreeable conditions, so reducing the hidden costs of staff turnover.