All buildings have interiors - although often neglected or taken for granted.

Whether the premises are private residential, buildings for public use, form a more practical environment for industrial activity, or a supportive background to some commercial enterprise - interiors need to be appropriate to their particular use.

We all share preconceptions and expectations which need to be taken into account. They limit the amount of change or originality we find acceptable.

We expect to see differences between a super- store and beauty salon, a car showroom and a cafe, boardroom and bedroom. Banks are serious; bazaars are not.

An Architect experienced in Interior Design understands how to manipulate space and marshal resources (at whatever level of expenditure determined by the client and circumstances), to create the desired effect, - for the life-span required. whether days. months or years, - using space, forms, materials, lighting, colour, texture and pattern. - incorporating all the services and technology required, and allowing for future changes and any other factors introduced.

All this has to he done within the constraints of budget, regulations, the contractor and craft skills available, and the time schedule agreed.