Listed buildings, even when privately owned, are an important part of our national heritage.

They have a character and quality which is acknowledged to be worth preserving. They cannot be repeated and, in the nature of things they will become more scarce, - and so even more valuable to the general scene, and more highly prized as time passes. It makes good sense to look after them well.

At the same time, they often represent an expense in terms of upkeep.

An Architect specialising in this field can advise on the best and most cost-effective way of maintaining, repairing or converting them.

Listed Buildings are now subject to special legislation, designed to protect them but restrictive in certain respects. Meeting these restrictions, as well as other regulations, (Building, fire, safety etc), while fulfilling the functional requirements for the building owner, needs careful coordination and special architectural skills and experience.

Old buildings of all kinds, but especially Listed ones, need Architects with a knowledge and sympathy for traditional materials and old forms of construction. Ingenuity and special skill is needed to be able to incorporate present-day amenities, services, equipment and furnishing into buildings from previous periods