Houses include all the architectural design problems, but on a small scale and in such a tight space as to make them all the more difficult to coordinate.

Architects are trained in both design and problem-solving as well as in all the technical matters involved. It is a field of design where the interior is perhaps even more important than the exterior. At the same time, it is probably the exterior which determines its market value. An Architect will be able to integrate the two.

Domestic accommodation needs to be adaptable to changing family needs, and sometimes divisible for ageing parents or growing teenagers.

Running costs - and comfort - will be affected by the amounts of insulation and double-glazing, but so will the initial cost. Central heating is now standard; the other normal services have to be incorporated, and the range is increasing to include the latest technological developments in personal communication etc.

All these aspects are important, but need to be incorporated unobtrusively while still allowing for easy maintenance and comfortable, convenient day-to-day living. We listen to our clients.

Social needs, technology, expectations, taste and standards are constantly changing. An Architect with a broad experience of these factors will be in the best position to advise a purchaser, or owner, on the best course of action, the most economic long-term solutions, and on the most prudent investment and commitment.